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What I've learned from outdoor swimming

First ever official sea swim!
Kristine is a happy swimmer!
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Throughout my outdoor swimming journey I've noticed that there are so many misconceptions about wild swimming. People seem to make...

Baby it's cold outside!

It's been a wierd quick few months! Now winter is truly upon us I thought it time to get back to my blog, at least to document my very...

Swimming Brain

I’ve been watching the TV program about the celebrities swimming the English Channel for Stand Up To Cancer (


After a couple of weeks of hiatus from blogging, I’ve had time to think about the part of outdoor swimming that has affected me the most....

Chill Factor

There is a definite chill in the air in Newcastle at the moment, and an even chillier chill in the water! So I thought it prudent to...

Missing the Cold

It seems almost blasphemous to even think this in the middle of Summer, but I’m going to say it; I miss the cold. I was interviewed for a...

Swim Stuff Part 2

Last time I concentrated on the things you need to actually swim. So this week lets take a look at all of the other things you will fill...

Swim Stuff

“All you need is a swim costume, a bright hat and some goggles.” One of my favourite members of my swimming group (don’t tell the...


Hello, my name is Corinne and I’m a wild swimming addict. It has been over 24 hours since my last swim, and I’m starting to get grumpy....

Wild Water

The Sea is a force of nature. Yes, I meant to capitalise that S in Sea. I find it easier to think of the sea as someone I know, maybe a...

People Power!

I’m going to be brutally honest, I’ve never been a fan of people. In my experience people do stupid things, say mean stuff and make...

Every body is a swimmers body

It is a fact universally known that wild swimmers have no shame. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen in pictures and on social media! This...

Corinne's sense of Sand

I’ve learned so many things over the last few months so it was really hard for me to pick one for my first proper blog entry! I’ve...

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